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According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are more than 324 million people in the United States. According to the Pew Research Center, nearly 70 percent of people in the U.S. own a smart phone. And by informal observation, you might notice that smart phones dominate most users’ lives today.

Concrete Graphics for ACP International


ACP offers a diverse advertising solution in Concrete Graphics® that can help get the attention of people whose attention may be consumed by smart phones. Sign companies and advertising agencies have found success in printing their own message on Concrete Graphics blank rolls. ACP International can also provide full-color, digital printing to provide a completed project.

Just like billboards offer an advertising solution to captive audiences driving on major roadways and highways, you can use Concrete Graphics to get your message in front of thousands of potential clients each day – and in a unique way!

Designed for indoor and outdoor use, Concrete Graphics is a conformable, anti-skid decal with foil-based material. Its unique characteristics make it to conform to grooves and take the shape of any surface, making it look like it’s been painted on.

The Concrete Graphics suite of products includes:

  • Concrete Graphics®:
    Great for use on concrete, asphalt, brick, and tile surfaces
  • Flexi-Floor Graphics™:
    Slip-resistant decals best applied for directional signage at trade shows and exhibitions
  • ShopFLOOR Graphics™
    Used in manufacturing and warehouse environments and made with a protective polycarbonate overlay to take forklift and tow motor traffic
  • Wall-It Graphics™:
    For vertical applications, easily applied and allows for no-mess removal and re-positioning or re-application
  • WindowPerf™:
    Vinyl decal perfect for one-way vision window applications without distorting line-of-sight (60-vinyl/40 perforation view)

  • Barcode Armor:
    Best used for protecting and scanning bar code and quick response (QR) codes; helps control inventory

  • Carpet Graphics®:
    Meets ATSM non-slip standards and can withstand heavy foot traffic and chemical solutions for cleaning; easily applied to most indoor carpets

  • Concrete Graphics® Lo-Tac:
    Very similar to Concrete Graphics but made with a less aggressive adhesive for high-end applications such as marble or granite

  • Concrete Graphics® Glow:
    Used in sudden loss-of-light situations by illuminating in dark areas

  • Concrete Graphics® Blanks:
    Blank rolls of Concrete Graphics for DIY printing

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