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Poly-Dome markers, or pipeline markers as they are sometimes called, are used to mark underground utility lines including: fiber, cable, electric, water, sewer, gas, and petroleum lines.

The dome-shaped marker is made from polyethylene and provides 360-degree visibility. Most poly-dome markers can be customized to identify ownership including company name, logo, and phone number. The most common poly-dome markers come in 6-, 7-, and 8-foot lengths. Poly-Dome markers are made from polyethylene and printed with UV-resistant inks that preserve the dome's message for years. 

Poly-dome markers are a great resource for the Call Before You Dig 8-1-1 program. ACP’s Pop-up Poly-Dome Marker is another great tool for preserving the placement of the tool even in the event of vehicular or cattle damage.

Marking your lines with poly-dome markers helps prevent costly accidents.

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