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ACP International’s Pop-Up Poly-Dome Marker is a durable utility and pipeline marker that reduces the amount of damage that is sometimes caused by vehicles and, more often, caused by cattle or livestock. ACP’s founder and president, Joe Nussbaum, developed the proprietary Pop-Up Poly-Dome Marker. We asked him a few questions about this simple concept that has become a time and money saver for many of ACP’s customers.

Joe Nussbaum, ACP Founder and PresidentWhat made you develop the Pop-Up Poly-Dome?
Cows, cars, and customers—in that order! Our sales team has worked hard over the years – since 1986 - to get feedback with our customers. Our customers told us that there were certain situations where their signs were just getting beaten to death. Specifically, high traffic areas and situations where cows are using signposts as scratching posts. Many of our customers were spending an exorbitant amount of time and money replacing damaged signs. Our sister company, SA-SO Signs & Safety, sells a product with a similar mechanism as our Magical Impact Sleeve. So, I simply put two and two together to meet the needs of our customers … and save them lots trouble of money.

Isn’t the traditional Poly-Dome impact resistant?
Yes, it is under normal circumstances. The Pop-Up is designed for extreme situations. A lot of our customers place orders for some of both, and use the Pop-Up where it is needed.

Also, let me tell you what some of our customers have done. They’ve bought the Magical Impact Sleeve separately and installed a regular Poly-Dome on it where it is needed. Some of them have even used Poly-Dome type products that weren’t ours. As long as the base post is 3” Schedule 40, it will fit on our Magical Impact Sleeve.

But doesn’t that reduce sales of traditional Poly-Domes for you?
I’m sure it does a little bit, because customers don’t have to buy as many replacements. The Pop-Up Poly-Dome is so highly impact resistant; it can take repeated impacts of some vehicles and cattle and still remain in tact for identifying utility networks.

When we founded this company, our mission was (and still is) to make ethical business decisions that not only benefit our company (owners and employees) but also our vendors and customers. We want to do what helps everyone succeed. By employing that mission, we’ve built trust with our customers and they come back to us time and time again. And let’s be honest, eventually any sign product will require replacing at some point. By treating our customers fairly, we believe they will come back to us when their products need replacing or updating.

And how quickly will that Poly-Dome fade?
All of our Poly-Domes are printed with UV-resistant enamel inks. Because of this the printed materials will not peel or dis-bond for the life of the marker. We also guarantee our Poly-Domes for 10 years. As with all of our products, we stand behind them. When you buy from ACP, you’re getting a quality product that meets your identification needs.

What kind of messages are printed on the Poly-Domes?
We are a commercial printer. We have the ability to provide custom printing options. Many of our customers have their company name and phone number on the utility markers. We can also print company logos as well as the all-important “811 Call before you Dig” logo. We have in-house graphic designers who can quickly layout and prepare artwork for print by our full-service printing and production department. Everything is done at our headquarters and operations facility in Arlington, Texas.

Anything else you’d like to share?
We are thankful for the partnerships with our vendors and customers. At ACP, we believe we can help you Identify your network! Call us today and let us show you how.

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