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ACP International has enjoyed more than 30 years (and counting) of success! How did we get started? Well, let us tell you the story ... 

ACP International began in a single-wide trailer house back in 1986. This was before trailers improved to mobile homes, and before mobile homes improved to manufactured housing. This was a trailer house, and we bought it used. The year was 1986, and the dining room of the trailer house soon became the global headquarters of ACP International. Well, to be fair, we didn't start out as ACP International. Our original name was: American Communication Products. But that proved troublesome for branding (and fitting that many letters on a building!). 

Anyway, we started in a single-wide trailer house, so it would be stating the obvious to say that we began small. We worked side-by-side, mainly because there wasn't room to work back-to-back. Our inventory wasn't wide - we manufactured two products (Fiber Splice Protection Sleeves and Wrap Around Markers). But we made them well! We were able to do that successfully. Because our costs were so low, we were able to do better than break-even our first year. Year after year, we invested our company profits back into the business, adding product lines and equipment as months and years went by. 

In 1988, we leased our first manufacturing plant. Plus, we did something that really put us on the path for greater success. We began to hire our first employees. Ginger Biagiotti, our first office manager, went on to work with us for more than 20 years. She has since retired, but still visits us often. She is one of many examples of why ACP has done well. When you are fortunate to have great quality people, everything is easier! Next time you talk with someone at ACP, ask them how long they have been with the company. This is a real point of pride for us. In today's business world, where job skipping and layoffs seem to happen everyday, we're proud to stand against that trend. 

ACP International - History

With quality people and quality products, we were positioned for success ... and growth! In 1992, we bought our first building. We added a neighboring building in 1996. Over time, we added businesses similar to our own. In 2002, we acquired VIP, a tag and label manufacturer in Houston and in 2003, parts of Porter Graphics of New Braunfels. In 2006, we expanded our manufacturing facility and office space. That same year we also developed Concrete Graphics®, a revolutionary pavement marking product. In 2008, we moved to our present 72,000 square foot facility. All along, we've added more versatile equipment, products, and processes, which have improved our capabilities and our capacity. 

In 2009, we were fortunate to acquire SA-SO Signs & Safety, a manufacturer and distributor of traffic and safety products. SA-SO has been in business since 1948, and we are please to operate it as a sister company to ACP. 

The year 2011 was bittersweet. We were still growing, but Ginger decided to retire. Then, in 2015 we acquired a cable marking company, ECOP, from Bob Winer. We'd known Bob as an industry colleague for years and were honored when he approached us to purchase his business as he looked to retire. Because of our innovative ideas and entrepreneurial spirit, we were excited to develop our time-saving Bracketless Aerial Marker in 2015 and our durable Pop-Up Poly-Dome Marker the next year. In 2015, we also purchased Englander Security Signs, a division from Englander dzignpak. With all of these positive changes, we were a little sad to see our long-time, tenacious account manager, Karen Oakes retire. She's currently traveling the world with her husband. And we always enjoy hearing from her. 

In 2016, we hit a major milestone - 30 years of service in the network identification industry. To celebrate, we produced a new, comprehensive product catalog. The next year, in 2017, we launched a brand-spankin' new website, We are truly thankful for our tenure and looking ahead to many more years to come! At ACP, we believe we can help you Identify your network! Our products, ingenuity, and integrity make us built to last. Call us today and let us show you how! 

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