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Let's face it, the marketplace is becoming more automated and computerized with each passing day. As a result, placing bar codes on inventory and assets is important for loss prevention, tracking, and inventory control.

Bar codes are encoded visual patterns that carry supply chain data this is useful for manufacturers and distributors. While many may look similar, there is a diverse catalog of bar code types available for various applications. Many bar codes are readily accessible and fairly easy to implement on various products in a myriad of locations. 


Property Identification and Inventory Control Solutions

Uniform Product Codes (UPCs) are used in retail for point-of-sale checkout and inventory control. There are two variations of the UPC - the UPC-A, which consists of 12 numerical characters and the UPC-E, which consists of 6 numerical characters. 

GS1 Databar codes are used in retail to identify coupons, produce, and perishables. These codes are compact and capable of containing additional information such as expiration dates or product weight. 

Both Code 39 / Code 128 are alphanumeric bar codes used for identification, inventory, and tracking. The compact format of the Code 128 is more suitable for smaller-sized items. 

Interleaved 2 of 5 codes are used in distribution and warehouse industries. This bar code is ideal for packages such as corregated boxes due to its printing tolerances. 

Intelligent Mail (IM) replaced the Postnet bar code in 2009. The U.S. Postal Service began using this bar code to encode the routing zip code and tracking information. 

Codabar is used in logistics, healthcare, and eduation. The Codabar was designed to be used on any impact style printer, such as dot-matrix printers printing on multi-part forms. 

Most of the bar codes we print at ACP International are Code 39 and Code 128. Once you find the right bar code solution for your needs, let us know. We can probably print that one too. At ACP, we pride ourselves on helping you Identify your network! Call us today and let us show you how! 

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