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coverall tags 350ACP Coverall™ Tags (Self Laminating Cable ID Tags) simplify cable, fiber, and wiring identification! These versatile tags come in standard or custom color combinations with a protective cover to preserve the written message. Two 8" cable ties are included with each tag. Simply hold open the flap, write on your tag, peel the protective strip off, and press down! These durable self-sealing cable identification tags can be written on with a permanent Rain or Shine™ pen and are virtually indestructible.

  • The perfect tag for labeling cable, fiber optics, wiring, and wire bundles
  • Includes a clear self-sealing flap that protects written information
  • Easily write on them with the Rain or Shine Pen (12/pack)
  • Standard colors: red, orange, yellow, white
  • Standard tag material: .020 calendered vinyl
  • Preprinted or blank
  • Packaging: 25 tags per bag; 8" cable ties packaged 100 per bag




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Part No.
Legend Description
VCT200 (color) Fiber Optic Cable 2” x 3.5”
VCT201 (color) Telephone Cable 2” x 3.5”
VCT202 (color) Data Cable 2” x 3.5”
VCT203R (red) Power Cable 2” x 3.5”



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Step 1: Peel up protective label.
Step 2: Write with Rain or Shine™ Pen
Step 3: Cover all of your text for a long-lasting message!

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