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Avoid the time-consuming mess of spray paint and stencils. Identify your network with Crystal Cap™ Urethane Domed Markers. These multi-color markers are printed on .030 vinyl and a polyurethane dome is applied on the top to protect it from scuffs and scratches. ACP's Crystal Cap Markers are widely used in Telecom, CATV, Utility, and Municipal applications. Choose from our standard messages or request a quote for custom colors and printing.  Crystal Cap Marker installation is quick and easy to apply with no special tools or surface preparation required.

  • Great for marking utility lines and potentially dangerous areas when sign posts are not convenient or permissable 
  • Can withstand years of weather and traffic
  • 10-year warranty (does not include snow plow damage) 
  • Can be applied with Sikaflex® adhesive (10.3 oz. tube sold separately) or Butyl adhesive pads (sold separately) on smooth surfaces
  • Adhesive must be evenly applied so that no liquid can get below the surface of the marker. Sikaflex is recommended for rough or bumpy surfaces

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Learn more about Crystal Cap Storm Drain Markers at

Ask us about our peel-and-stick adhesive discs for easy application. Contact us today for pricing and availability!

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Part No. Description
CC-2 2" Round Crystal Cap Marker
CC-23 2" x 3" Oval Crystal Cap Marker
CC-3 3" Round Crystal Cap Marker
CC-378 3 7/8" Round Crystal Cap Marker
SIKA-11 10.3 oz Sikaflex (caulk tube)
AD* Peel-and-stick adhesive disks
*Specify size needed


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Crystal Cap™ Decals

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Crystal Cap decals can be used to mark any area (ground, curb, facilities, equipment, etc.) with your organization's name and branding. These decals are produced just like ACP's Crystal Cap Markers, but often used in a slightly different application. 

  • Perfect for durable marking of equipment
  • Nearly impossible to deface or damage
  • Visually-appealing






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